5 Facebook Marketing Secrets!

Facebook Marketing Secret # 1:

It is important that you create an attractive and compelling profile page. If you’re marketing yourself as a business professional you want to upload business professional pictures to your profile page. Create a group using your name in the title, create a Facebook Fan page, and begin adding about 25 targeted friends per day to avoid getting banned from Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Secret # 2:

When building relationships on Facebook look for things that you have in common with other community members by reviewing their profile. Ask the right questions, show interest in what other have to say and most important.

Facebook Marketing Secret # 3:

If you’re in network marketing you’re going to want to join Fan pages of the industry leaders. DO NOT pitch your business on the front end in these Facebook Groups and Fan pages, lead with value instead.

Facebook Marketing Secret # 4:

One of the most important secrets of all is to PROVIDE VALUE to the community.  Providing great value will create die hard Facebook followers.  These followers will eventually buy from you or join you in business.

Facebook Marketing Secret # 5:

Last but definitely not least, TAKE ACTION!!! Consistent daily action produces the best results in the Facebook Marketing niche, create a daily action plan and stay consistent for 90 days.


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