Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Google Adwords?

In this day and age, a lot of businesses are utilizing the pay-per-click service called “Google Adwords” and they probably think they are getting the most out of their monthly budget simply by getting clicks. The truth is, if you aren’t getting people to click on your site AND inquire about your business, your money is being wasted. A website can get thousands of clicks per month but if no business is coming in the door, then something needs to change.

In order to have a worthwhile and well-spent Google Adwords budget, you have to find the visitors that actually want to buy something from you. You can do this by targeting specific locations that you service and also by targeting the areas that you know will result in business. If you sell to a very small niche market, you will want to use keywords that are directly targeted at people who know the “jargon” of your products and services. If you are selling to a wide range audience, you must analyze what the larger market is searching for. Use keywords that have low competition and high global searches. Don’t spend your entire budget on a wasted click.

Romeo Computer Company’s eMarketing Specialists manage adwords account for small and large businesses in all different product categories. If you want to get more out of your adwords account or simply need advice on how to manage it, call us at 586 752-5158.


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