Ada Lovelace: One Smart Lady

Nerds hike your pants up and put on your party hats!  From the source of all knowledge, Google has told us that today is Ada Lovelace’s birthday.  For all of those people who don’t have the will to access Wikipedia, Ada Lovelace is credited for developing the first computer program.  To hockey players, there’s Howe, for singers there’s Pavarotti, drummers have Neil Peart, and, well you get the picture.


What I’m getting to is that computer science is an art.  Behind the curtain, the magic requires a lot of practice, knowing several coding languages, and keeping up with the newest developments.  At Romeo Computer we have put countless hours to acquire the very best talent.  We take the time to find the kind of minds that will improve the work we can do on your projects.  Trust in me, that programmers are the unsung heroes of the Web.  So let’s all take a minute to admire a pioneer in the world of computer science and maybe hug a programmer today… but approach them slowly, as they tend to scare easy.


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