Facebook “Likes” – How to Engage Them For the Long Haul

With the important of a Facebook business presence continually growing, so too does the importance of keeping this presence as current as your ever changing industry.

It is imperative for businesses to have a Facebook presence now-a-days to take advantage of the free advertising methods such as wall feed, picture galleries, and video postings. However, just because you have 5,000 likes on Facebook does not mean that these people are buying from you. It doesn’t even prove that they follow your page.

The important question you need to ask yourself is, how many of these likes actually read my posts? Some will like your page initially but the information you share may not be what they hand in mind, they may even resort to hiding the information from their news feed.

The trick is to engage users with interesting, unique and humorous content posted by “Your Business.”  Don’t spam their walls with sales pitches. Try to keep it visual and entertaining.. people respond better to images than bulk text. These are the posts that people like, comment on, and most importantly – share.

Facebook Engagement

If you have questions about how to maintain a successful social media campaign, visit our website or call (586) 752-5158 to speak to one of our Social Marketing Experts.


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