A Marketing Plan is Just as Important as Great Content

So you wrote a great ad that really pops and is incredibly succinct so the viewer knows just what you’re advertising and why they need it. Under ideal circumstances, it is sure to pull people in and increase your sales and brand recognition across the board. You’re all set, right?
Wrong. The key part here is those ideal circumstances. eMarketing isn’t just about creating the content, throwing it out there, and hoping. An integral part of the whole process is creating the situations for people to see that amazing ad. This is where having a plan comes in.

The smartest first step in regards to preparation is to create a network of already established people and places by drawing upon a wide list of resources like blogs, sites, twitter users, etc. that talk about or relate to your field or industry in some way. Networking in this way is essential to making a place for yourself online.

Once you have a sizable amount of resources at your disposal, start reaching out to them. Send emails out asking if you can guest post on their blog or ask for a tweet in exchange for one. The best part about dealing with blogs and twitter users is that you can afford to be informal: feel free to inject some personality into your correspondence, instead of making it sound like you’re proposing a business transaction.

eMarketing is becoming an increasingly bigger part of our everyday lives, and with that comes the need for an organized approach. Taking your great content out there and sharing it through relevant channels all over the web is the best way to stand get head and shoulders above the rest.

This is one of many areas we specialize in at Romeo Computer Company, if you have any questions, call our SEO and Web Development pros:

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