Let Your Cover Photo Represent You

If you’re in the marketing business, you may have heard about Facebook’s new ad and cover photo guidelines launched in January of 2013. Well… actually we like to call it a relinquishing of guidelines. Facebook has eased up on the rules and regulations for business pages and their cover photos. The new rule simply states that no more than 20% of your cover photo can contain text advertising. This still leaves 80% of the page to utilize for company branding and product display.  See the example below.

socially stacked, romeo computer. social marketing, facebook, cover photo

Facebook 20% text overlay rule – photo by SociallyStacked.com

If you are using Facebook Ads the first things people see when they click through to your page is your cover photo. If it looks sloppy or pixellated, people will not be impressed. If it is intriguing, informative and entertaining, this may cause people to think twice before hitting the back button.

Start taking advantage of the massive advertising tool that is your cover photo by making sure you are including the following elements –

1) Quality imagery of your product or service (represent yourself and your business accurately and keep company branding in mind)

2) A short and simple business URL – remember these are not “clickable” so it should be something easy to remember

3) Business contact information (phone, address – let people know where you are)

4) A purpose or call to action – give your followers a reason to delve into your Facebook business page. You never know. Your cover photo may be so intriguing that it results in new followers and eventually new customers!!

5) A new fresh look throughout the month. The technology world moves at lighting speed. People don’t want to look at the same image multiple times.

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