New NVIDIA Technology Center in Michigan

Tech Giant NVIDIA has developed in-car technology for years, and the company is now taking the next step in the field: its new NVIDIA Technology Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan devote to developing software for a new age in automotive design. Along with Microsoft and Google offices opening in the same area in recent years, NVIDIA aims to work with Chrysler, Ford and GM to “develop next-generation infotainment, navigation and driver-assistance programs” according to the news on their blog.


At this point, NVIDIA already works with 4 million vehicles in the form of in-dash digital instrument clusters and navigation displays. Specific automakers they’ve worked with include Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Tesla Motors, and VW. But what does this mean for Michigan?

This news is huge for the tech industry here. NVIDIA is one of the major players in the tech world, one of two in the high performance GPU market, and will now almost certainly become an important player in the automotive industry, especially in Michigan. Michael Finner, CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, said that NVIDIA coming here “is an encouraging sign for future growth and jobs in the technology and automotive industries.” It really is a big step for Michigan and the entire tech industry here.


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