New NVIDIA Technology Center in Michigan

Tech Giant NVIDIA has developed in-car technology for years, and the company is now taking the next step in the field: its new NVIDIA Technology Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan devote to developing software for a new age in automotive design. Along with Microsoft and Google offices opening in the same area in recent years, NVIDIA aims to work with Chrysler, Ford and GM to “develop next-generation infotainment, navigation and driver-assistance programs” according to the news on their blog.


At this point, NVIDIA already works with 4 million vehicles in the form of in-dash digital instrument clusters and navigation displays. Specific automakers they’ve worked with include Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Tesla Motors, and VW. But what does this mean for Michigan?

This news is huge for the tech industry here. NVIDIA is one of the major players in the tech world, one of two in the high performance GPU market, and will now almost certainly become an important player in the automotive industry, especially in Michigan. Michael Finner, CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, said that NVIDIA coming here “is an encouraging sign for future growth and jobs in the technology and automotive industries.” It really is a big step for Michigan and the entire tech industry here.


5 Tips for Decluttering Your Inbox with Outlook 2013


One of the most common ways people hamper their own productivity is poor inbox management. Especially with email accounts you’ve had for any reasonable length of time, it’s very easy to let notifications and newsletters spin out of control until you have an inbox count in the hundreds. Adding to this is the cycle of new software every few years like the new Office, and suddenly all of the tools you were used to using are missing or, as I’ve found, very hidden. Luckily, I’ve got some tips that should help transition to Outlook 2013.

1. Rules, Rules, Rules

Rules haven’t changed to much since the last Outlook, but I still think they are the most important feature of any email account. Located on the Home tab, you can create and manage rules to move any emails pertaining to certain subjects or from specific people to move to a folder. It’s a great way to manage emails that you get often but don’t need to review immediately.

2. Utilizing the To-Do List

One of the biggest changes from the last Outlook was that Microsoft disabled the To-Do Bar by default, and consequentially, it is now far to underutilized. To bring it back, click the View tab and find To-Do Bar. From here you can select from having Tasks, People, and Calendar displayed. Calendar gives you a quick run-down of your schedule for the day right on your main inbox screen. Using Tasks will allow you to flag any important emails that you’ve already read but still need to reply to so that you can easily find them later. This is an essential step in making your time spent in Outlook as manageable and efficient as possible.

 3. Changing Your View

This one’s a little bit more personal, but just as important. Also from the View screen, you can select Change View to choose from different presets or create your own view. This will allow you to quickly turn previews off and how many lines of the message you see from the inbox. Doing this will allow you to find the emails you need to read faster and ignore the ones you don’t need to read a lot easier.

4. Conversation View

Also in the View tab, find Conversations and click it. This will have your messages with the same subject nested together. This is ideal for situations with a lot of back and forth and also subjects with many recipients replying to all. It can also pull messages from any folder to all be in the conversation, as long as the subject is the same, so there is significantly less time you have to spend searching for the history of a conversation.

5. Quick Steps

Sometimes the Rules function isn’t ideal for dealing with mail, generally for emails that you want to perform multiple tasks with certain mail. Quick Steps is the best choice to circumvent the issue, allowing you combine multiple actions under a single click so that you don’t have to manually repeat the steps every time. It’s essential for decreasing time spent in your email and allowing you to be more productive with your day.


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Let Your Cover Photo Represent You

If you’re in the marketing business, you may have heard about Facebook’s new ad and cover photo guidelines launched in January of 2013. Well… actually we like to call it a relinquishing of guidelines. Facebook has eased up on the rules and regulations for business pages and their cover photos. The new rule simply states that no more than 20% of your cover photo can contain text advertising. This still leaves 80% of the page to utilize for company branding and product display.  See the example below.

socially stacked, romeo computer. social marketing, facebook, cover photo

Facebook 20% text overlay rule – photo by

If you are using Facebook Ads the first things people see when they click through to your page is your cover photo. If it looks sloppy or pixellated, people will not be impressed. If it is intriguing, informative and entertaining, this may cause people to think twice before hitting the back button.

Start taking advantage of the massive advertising tool that is your cover photo by making sure you are including the following elements –

1) Quality imagery of your product or service (represent yourself and your business accurately and keep company branding in mind)

2) A short and simple business URL – remember these are not “clickable” so it should be something easy to remember

3) Business contact information (phone, address – let people know where you are)

4) A purpose or call to action – give your followers a reason to delve into your Facebook business page. You never know. Your cover photo may be so intriguing that it results in new followers and eventually new customers!!

5) A new fresh look throughout the month. The technology world moves at lighting speed. People don’t want to look at the same image multiple times.

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Proper Business Email Signatures

Tip of the day: Ever wonder what your email signature tells a client?? Well, it should tell them a number of things. For one, it should exhibit a professional image of both your business and you as a business contact. It should be informative but not contain every element of your life down to the color of your socks. Keep your signature to a maximum of 6 lines. 

Key elements to a GREAT email signature are: 

Your Name
Your Position within the Company 
Your Company Name
Company Address
Your Direct Line 
Company Web Address

This post by Romeo Computer Company

A Marketing Plan is Just as Important as Great Content

So you wrote a great ad that really pops and is incredibly succinct so the viewer knows just what you’re advertising and why they need it. Under ideal circumstances, it is sure to pull people in and increase your sales and brand recognition across the board. You’re all set, right?
Wrong. The key part here is those ideal circumstances. eMarketing isn’t just about creating the content, throwing it out there, and hoping. An integral part of the whole process is creating the situations for people to see that amazing ad. This is where having a plan comes in.

The smartest first step in regards to preparation is to create a network of already established people and places by drawing upon a wide list of resources like blogs, sites, twitter users, etc. that talk about or relate to your field or industry in some way. Networking in this way is essential to making a place for yourself online.

Once you have a sizable amount of resources at your disposal, start reaching out to them. Send emails out asking if you can guest post on their blog or ask for a tweet in exchange for one. The best part about dealing with blogs and twitter users is that you can afford to be informal: feel free to inject some personality into your correspondence, instead of making it sound like you’re proposing a business transaction.

eMarketing is becoming an increasingly bigger part of our everyday lives, and with that comes the need for an organized approach. Taking your great content out there and sharing it through relevant channels all over the web is the best way to stand get head and shoulders above the rest.

This is one of many areas we specialize in at Romeo Computer Company, if you have any questions, call our SEO and Web Development pros:

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Facebook “Likes” – How to Engage Them For the Long Haul

With the important of a Facebook business presence continually growing, so too does the importance of keeping this presence as current as your ever changing industry.

It is imperative for businesses to have a Facebook presence now-a-days to take advantage of the free advertising methods such as wall feed, picture galleries, and video postings. However, just because you have 5,000 likes on Facebook does not mean that these people are buying from you. It doesn’t even prove that they follow your page.

The important question you need to ask yourself is, how many of these likes actually read my posts? Some will like your page initially but the information you share may not be what they hand in mind, they may even resort to hiding the information from their news feed.

The trick is to engage users with interesting, unique and humorous content posted by “Your Business.”  Don’t spam their walls with sales pitches. Try to keep it visual and entertaining.. people respond better to images than bulk text. These are the posts that people like, comment on, and most importantly – share.

Facebook Engagement

If you have questions about how to maintain a successful social media campaign, visit our website or call (586) 752-5158 to speak to one of our Social Marketing Experts.

SEO Companies Being Punished For Poor Link Building Strategies

According to SEO News, SEO companies around the globe are being punished for poor link building strategies. Because of Google’s new Penguin and Panda algorithm, link building now requires more skill and research if you want to do it right and see results.

In the past, companies would focus on quantity of back-links rather than quality, however, the quantity of poorly chosen links might be hurting your site. If these directories have a bad rapport with Google, your site will be penalized by association. You will be alerted by Webmaster tools for any infractions, which will most likely bump you down in the rankings for a while. The good news, however, is that this can be avoided if you follow a few simple steps:

1) Avoid unnatural links – links that seem unfamiliar or have ridiculous sounding names. These are most likely link-farms.

2) Find relevant local directories to link to (Yellowpages, Manta, DMOZ etc) These are all high ranking, reliable directories. 

3) Switch up your keywords and descriptions to directory submissions every month. Search engines love unique content.

4) Finally, be creative! Engage with your eMarketing team on ways to accumulate high quality backlinks using original content on news forums, social media avenues, and blogs.

Link building is a still important in SEO; however, if not executed correctly it can hurt your organic rankings, hits to your website, and ultimately lose business for your company.

Visit Romeo Computer Company to learn more about Link Building services and proper strategies.

What is a Landing Page? and Why Do I need one?

If you’re asking yourself, how do I turn my email blasts, blog posts and ads into conversions, you may want to start thinking about creating Landing Pages. A landing page is a page that visitors “land” on after following some kind of lead, like a “call to action” in an email.

A landing page is an essential part of the conversion process. Once a person lands on your page you have approximately 8 seconds to catch their attention and keep it. You want to get people to your landing page, but the most important task on your agenda is interesting them enough to gather their contact information. You can do this by delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

Here’s a hint. the more landing pages, the more leads. The more specific you get, the more people will want to come back. Specific landing pages target specific users. But if the user finds the information valuable, they will come back.  This is called “client retention”.

Key Components of a landing page:

  1. A Compelling Header
  2. Minimal Navigation
  3. An Optimized and Easy Client Form
  4. Evergreen Content – content that will be valuable months and years down the road

If you have questions or need help putting together your next landing page, call the SEO and Web Development pro’s at Romeo Computer Company

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5 Things You Should Know About SEO in 2013

At Romeo Computer Company, we keep up to speed on all of the new SEO and online marketing trends. We want to keep our strategies fresh and innovative so our clients are given the best opportunity to succeed in their marketing endeavors. Below are 5 search engine optimization strategies that will be prevalent for your business in the new year.

1) Content is still the most important organic element on your website. Keep it fresh. Keep it current. Keep it informative. Commit yourself to having quality content.

2) According to SEO surveys, 95 percent of users click on organic results rather than PPC. This goes to show how important organic (keyword) optimize is to your business website.

3) Think about building a secondary mobile site. Smartphones are everywhere and if people can’t view your site properly on their phone, they may bounce off right away.

4) Keep up with social marketing. The relevance and effectiveness of programs like Facebkok, Twitter and Pinterest are growing every year. You may also want to think about starting a Google+ account. That is rumored to be “all the rage” in 2013.

5) Be Vocal! Voice searches are now becoming popular in SEO for Apple users. It’s called Apple’s virtual assistant – nicknamed Siri. Remember to optimize your keywords to target vocal keywords and written keywords. People don’t speak the same way they write.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your site current and relevant. Have a site with a purpose. Good luck with your business ventures in New Year!!!